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The Touareg, people with pride

Tavie products tell a story. A story of passion and pride. A story of thousands of Touareg women in pursuit of a better life for themselves and the village communities they belong to. Tavie gives them this chance.

The Touareg are a proud people. They are one of the last remaining tribes still leading a nomadic life. Within the Touareg tribe women have always been in control. They own the tent, take the most important family decisions and pass on the Touareg culture to their children.
Unfortunately a mix of circumstances leads to the gradual disintegration of this fascinating culture. Long periods of drought, repressive government measures and the power of Islam make the Touareg believe they are forced to settle in one place.
Due to this the Touareg women slowly change from strong matriarchs into subordinates. Nevertheless strength and courage motivate the women to continue fighting for their proud culture and to keep looking for change.
Tavie products are a fine reflection of this fascinating culture. The collection is made up of baskets, dishes and bowls all made by hand using the young leaves of the Doum palm. This natural, ecological material is richly abundant in the living environment of the Touareg and the products have always been used in the nomadic life of the people. The craft of working with palm leaves using the technique of ‘poinçon’ has a long and strong tradition in the community of Touareg women.
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